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The long-standing uncertainty as to the future of No. 43 has finally been resolved. The problem arose from the need to find money to carry out extensive re-roofing of major buildings at Shogyoji itself and to undertake a considerable extension of the Tokyo Dojo to house a major influx of new, young priests while they were continuing their education.

As a result, the Responsible Trustees of the Religious Corporation Shogyoji felt that it was essential to consider whether or not to let or sell No. 43, and after detailed  discussions, it was decided that it should indeed be put on the market, where, because of prevailing conditions, it remained for over a year.

In the meantime, the years of devoted spiritual work at Three Wheels were beginning to bear considerable fruit and, typically, it was religious, rather than financial considerations, that led to the making of the remarkable decision, early in 2009, that the house should in fact be retained instead of being sold.

When No. 57 Carbery Avenue was bought in 2007 to act as a Taya House, it was decided that it should be called Tenrin, or Turning Wheel, Taya. This was a reminder that when the Three Wheels of the Donor, the Pure Gift and the Receiver are in harmony, the Great Wheel turns.

Now, No. 43 has been given the name of Gyosen, or Ferryboat, Taya, a recognition of every Buddhist’s burning desire to reach the Far Shore of the measureless sea of existence.

This second Taya House is vitally important for the future of Three Wheels for several reasons.

Firstly, there is the need to accommodate the students and helpers at the annual Spring School, whose numbers are expected to increase next year.

Secondly, the numbers attending the twice yearly Shokai Retreat has already surged, the third of them, held in the Spring this year being attended by a total of twenty-two devotees.

Thirdly, there is every reason to believe that this second Taya House will greatly encourage followers of Shogyoji to come to London to visit Three Wheels, now that it will be much easier to accommodate them in a true Shin Buddhist environment.

Lastly, but by no means least, it is a development, which, it is hoped and fully expected, will mark a notable new phase in the religious activities of Three Wheels.

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Gyosen-taya's garden.

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